From the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast


#1: The Habit of No Snooze

Identity statement: I’m the kind of person who wakes up when I intend to,

and I’m prepped to tackle the day.


#2: The Habit of Pre-Deciding

Identity statement: I plan ahead for things that matter most, and my

real priorities dictate my schedule and choices.


#3: The Habit of Doing the Hard-Right

Identity statement: I solve problems the right way, even if it’s more difficult right now.

I’m happy to endure a little pain to create a stronger, better solution.


#4: The Habit of You-First Leadership

Identity statement: I’m a leader who loves people. I will start every

interaction with the other person in mind.


#5: The Habit of Touching the Line

Identity statement: I don’t stop when I’m tired. I stop when I’m done. I don’t cut corners. I value

integrity and progress too much to cheat on what matters most.


#6: The Habit of One More Rep

Identity statement: I exceed expectations, bring solutions, and go further than necessary.

I’m willing to do one more rep because leaders do better than “normal.”


#7: The Habit of Fueling the Fire

Identity statement: I stay passionate over time because I actively and intentionally

encourage myself—I fuel the fire in my spirit about my mission, family, and goals.


#8: The Habit of Showing Back Up

Identity statement: When I commit, I don’t quit. I’m a finisher.