This year (2015) we put a lot of work into re-vamping our Annual Report. In the past it has simply been a booklet filled with a ministry report (full page letter) from all of our major ministries, as well as some financial reports. It was a lot of good information – but it was presented in a way that most people simply won’t read. Very few people want to sit down and read a one page letter – let alone, 12 of them.

So we came up with a new booklet design that was heavily driven by graphics. We wanted something that people would be excited to pickup and look through, and that would convey the things that we are passionate about.

You can check out our annual report here on our church website, or check out the images below.

1. Cover 2. Found People Find People 3. Saved People Serve People 4. Adding Belonging to Believing 5. Moving from Consumer to Contributor 6. You Dont Have To Do Life Alone 7. Conversations with God 8. Missions 9. Beyond These Walls 10. rCalvaryKids 11. Second 12. Back Cover


You are welcome to take our Annual Report and tweak it to fit your church. Here are all the Photoshop PSD files:

Where do I purchase & print these?

The PSD templates are created specifically for the Booklets that sells.

You can find out more about their booklets here.

You can find out more about the Chartwell Font we used here.