I’m always looking for free design resources I can use. Creative Market is a great find! I receive weekly emails from them, which include 6 free design resources a week. You have to purchase them for $0, which takes a few steps, but the nice thing is that all of your ‘purchases’ are stored online in your account.

So in an effort to not fill up my hard drive as well as not wanting to worry about trying to organize all of these resources – I simply download the purchased (free) resource, and then immediately trash it. Yup – move it to your trash/recycle bin. Don’t worry – all of the ‘purchases’ show up in your online account -> purchases.

I’ve also purchased a few of their bundle deals – some crazy deal that included 92 products for $39. So I have a library of over 500 products.

If you find you are getting too many emails about products you don’t want to pay for, be sure to go into your profile -> email notifications and turn off the following:

  • Get popular products each week
  • Get top new products each week