Each year on the Wednesday following Mother’s Day we do a special Mother Son Date Night event. We realize that for a date with boys and Mom’s to be a success – it probably looks a little different than a date with Dad’s and daughters. So we came up with the idea to make the event very active for the boys and very meaningful for the Mom’s.

Disclaimer – This was our second year doing the event and we build a little each year. So purchasing all of the items below may be a lot for your first year. Start with what you can and add more each year.


7pm – Boys & Mom’s Arrive
– We had all the boys head to their normal classroom and hang out doing coloring pages and activities including a Medieval Word Search and Knight Coloring Page.


7:10pm – Welcome
– Here is my script:

Welcome fair maidens and squires…

Fair maidens, thou are very pretty this evening. I am especially admiring thee (pointing to my wife).

And squires – thou art looking very noble and full of courage, but alas, ye arrive tonight only as a squire, and not as a knight.
However, ye may leave here this eve as a brave knight if thou hath courage enough to face the quest that stands before thee.
A goodly length in times past, it has been said that any squire that hath courage enough to complete the four challenges that lie before you this very eve, he shall be granted knighthood.

7:12pm – The Challenges
– Here is my script:

Challenge #1 – Archery
This challenge is hosted by Sir Jeffrey the Lionheart
This is a challenge of your aim.
Squires and Maidens must both score 3 hits.
When you complete this Challenge you will earn your Helmet

Challenge #2 – The Dragon Fireball Toss
This challenge is hosted by Sir Alan – the Dude
This is a challenge of your strength
You must throw fireballs at the Dragon until you knock him over.
When you complete this Challenge you will earn your Breastplate

Challenge #3 – The Dragon Catapult Challenge
This challenge is hosted by Sir Rob the Heartthrob
This is a challenge of your wit.
Squires and Maidens must work together to knock over all 3 dragons.
When you complete this Challenge you will earn your Shield.

Challenge #4 – The Ring Toss…
That does not sound very exciting does it…
Challenge #4 is The Ring Toss of Death & Peril!
This challenge is hosted by Sir Steve the Galant
This is a challenge of your dexterity
Squires and Maidens must work to get all 3 rings on the post
When you complete this Challenge you will earn your Sword

When thou hast earned all four pieces of armor, thou can give cheer for thy fellow brothers
. There be a single important rule ye must follow. 
Ye must finish each challenge with the help of thy fair maiden
Dost thou understand?
Nay, methinks not. Dost thou understand?

Art thou ready to prove thyself worthy of knighthood? What say ye? 
Go tither and face thy challenges.


Purchasing Your Armor

Here are the links to the items we purchased through Oriental Trading:
Color Your Own Knights Mask – $5.40 / dozen
DIY Knights Armor – $8.00 / dozen
DIY Shields – $10.50 / dozen
Dragon-Slaying Inflatable Sword – $10.99 / dozen


Setting Up The Challenges

We setup four areas. Each area had a table with the piece of armor that the boys would earn upon completing that event with thier Mom.
We tested out the events ahead of time to find the right distances to make the challenges doable, but not too difficult.

Archery Targets – $8.99 on Amazon
Nerf Bow n Arrows – $19.99 on Amazon
Both the Fair Maidens (Moms) and Squires (Sons) must each hit the target 3 times. Setup a tape line they have to stand behind. (Feel free to modify as needed so this doesn’t get backed up).


Dragon Fireball Toss
Large 55” x 28” Inflatable Dragon – $19.35 on Amazon
Bean Bags – $11.49 on Amazon
Setup a tape line they have to stand behind to throw. We only had the dragon about 5 feet away – which was still difficult. You had to hit it right in the neck to knock it over.


Dragon Catapult
This took the most work as I built the catapults myself.
I bought some 1×4″ boards from Home Depot. I also purchased a 2” x 48” round dowel. I used this for both the catapults and the ring toss. To build the catapults cut the 1×4” boards the same length – about 4’. Then cut an 8” section of the 2” dowel and use an extra large rubber band (from Home Depot) to wrap around the base. Then at the top of the catapult we cut a paper cup in half and taped it to the top to hold the marshmallows (which was the ammo).

We fired the catapults at 3 green dragons – $20 on Amazon.
Setup a tape line that they had to stay behind.


The Ring Toss (of Death & Peril)
This is also something I made from Home Depot. I used the 2” dowel and a round wood piece and simply screwed them together. I then purchased some rope. I believe I purchased some 3/4” white twisted nylon and polyester rope by the foot. I cut the rope 3 different sizes to make a small, medium, and large ring and used Gaff tape to tape it together.

We put a tape line on the floor for the Moms and sons to stand behind. The Moms and sons each had to make at least one ring. And together they could make all 3 rings on the post. Everytime they missed and I handed back the rings, I slide the post a little closer.


Knight Costumes ($26 on Amazon)- I purchased some Knight costumes this year. They are amazing! The way you wear them, they could fit just about any size. These really added to the event.

Castle Door & Window Props ($7.58 on Amazon) – This worked pretty well. We cut out the pieces and taped them to the Auditorium Doors.

Stockade Photo Prop ($12.90 on Amazon) – Just another opportunity for Moms to take pictures.


Formal Pictures

After the challenges we headed to the Grand Hall (Auditorium). On their way in we had the boys place their paper armor that they earned at the challenges on a table and then come back and suit up in the fancy armor for a picture with Mom.

Knight Set
($12.50 on Oriental Trading) – I ended up purchasing a few of these so the next boy could get ready while one was getting their picture taken.


The Festivities

When they were done with their pictures – the boys and their Moms colored a family crest on their shield, breastplate, and helmet. They loved this!

Room Setup
We setup the room as much like a coffee shop as we could. We used bistro tables and a bunch of smaller tables so each couple could sit together. Each table had a small container of crayons on it. All the tables faced the stage where we later had a Juggler come in to do a show. We also included a Me-and-You-Quiz with questions for Moms and sons to ask each other.

Each couple was delivered a plate of goodies including a small cheesecake square (Sam’s Club), creme puff (Sam’s Club), mini cupcake (Target), and strawberry (Wegmans).

We gave each of the Mom’s a Voss water bottle (huge hit) and each son a juice bottle.

We hired Jeff Peden of Airplay Jugglers for a 30 minute show. He did a great job entertaining the kids and going along with the medieval theme.


Devotional & Knighting Ceremony

I did a short devotional about Mom’s:
I asked the boys to list out all the things Moms do. I got answers like the dishes, laundry, help with homework, etc. I said Mom’s do tons of things that are thankless jobs and hardly ever get any thanks. So we wanted to honor our Mom’s tonight.
Then I talked about how in medieval times – the person with the most wealth, biggest castles, who won the most battles, etc., was the greatest person.
In God’s Kingdom things work the opposite. In fact there is a story in Luke 9 where Jesus’ disciples argue over who will be the greatest –

Luke 9:46-48 –
46 Then a dispute arose among them as to which of them would be greatest. 47 And Jesus, perceiving the thought of their heart, took a little child and set him by Him, 48 and said to them, “Whoever receives this little child in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me. For he who is least among you all will be great.”

Jesus says whoever is least among you will be great. Kind of sounds like Mom right? Mom’s tend to do all the jobs no one else wants to do, without any complaining. That’s why we want to honor Mom’s.

Armor of God:
One of the ways we can Honor God is by putting on the Full Armor of God each and every day. This evening you earned armor by completing the four challenges, but there is a much greater suit of armor you can wear. The Bible talks about the Armor of God –

Ephesians 6:13-17 –
13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
14 Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, 15 and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; 16 above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. 17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God;

Knighting Ceremony:
Here is my script for the Knighting Ceremony –

We have one more thing to do – And that is the Knighting Ceremony
All of our squires come to the front of the room and kneel on one knee.
Fair Maidens if you could come stand in front of your brave little knight and hold of his sword so that after they complete the oath, you can dub the new knight on the shoulders.

Okay brave knights – repeat this oath, after me.
I, state your name,
Promise to always defend a lady
Promise to only speak the truth
Promise to be Loyal to the Lord my God
Promise to be devoted to the church.
Promise to be charitable and defend the poor and helpless.
Promise to always be brave.
Promise to never avoid dangerous paths out of fear.
Promise to always honor my mother.

Fair Maidens – you may now dub your new knight on each shoulder and then he may rise
Knights – give your fair maiden a great big hug You have now earned the title “Sir”.


I then closed in prayer over the Moms & Sons.

Photoshop PSD:

Brigade Date Knight.psd

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