Here is a video we created a couple of years ago to thank all of our volunteers who serve in Kids Ministry.




If you are wondering what song this is, it is called “In the Moment of Inspiration”, and I purchased it from Audio Jungle here.


Here is the script. Feel free to use it and modify as needed.
It’s broken down by age group. I chose a few kids from each class. To shoot the video, I simply read the line that the kids had to say and told them to repeat it the exact same way I said it. Then we edited out my voice. One thing that was really helpful was to have an external mic on a boom connected to the camera – so we could hold a microphone right of the kids head and pic up their lines really clear.
Remember: Great audio is what helps makes a video feel professional.

It’s Sunday morning and my parents head to church

They drop me off in my classroom and I recognize your face

Your warm smile makes me feel welcome and safe

Lots of kids join us

And you greet us all by name

Before I got here you prepared a story

You spent time getting crafts and games ready

You spent some time on your knees – praying for me

Praying for my whole class

Hikers: (start talking)
Sometimes our class goes really well

We listen closely

We ask questions

We answer questions

But sometimes our class doesn’t go so well

We don’t raise our hands

We don’t wait our turn

We say the wrong answers

We don’t stay in our seats

We keep asking to go to the bathroom

And you wonder…

You wonder if it was worth the time you spent preparing

You wonder when Pastor Bob will finally finish his message

You wonder if any of this is hitting home

You wonder if serving every 5 weeks is really making a difference

The truth is…

I’m heading into some of the toughest years of my life

Years when I’ll be facing some big choices

Years when peer pressure will seem so strong

Years when my faith in Christ will be tested

And I’ll remember…

I’ll remember your smiling face

Your high fives

When you sat on the floor with me

When we made crafts together

I’ll remember the Bible stories you taught me

And the scripture verses that are tucked inside my heart

So you see – it might be once every 5 weeks for you

But for me it has been years of faithfulness

Someone willing to invest in me

Someone willing to invest in my eternity

Someone willing to share God’s love with me

All classes:
So for that I Thank you (elevate)

Thank you (explorers)

Thank you (hikers)

Thank you (leapers)

Thank you (nursery)