We hosted a special event for kids with a focus on missions. We wanted to get kids excited about sharing the gospel and doing some hands on activities to help other kids.

Building some Excitement:

To get kids excited for the Wednesday event we posted something on our Parent Facebook Page.

Parent’s this Wednesday we are having a Top Secret Mission for your Secret Agent child!
We have a secret gift for them if they can get your help!

Scan the QR code in the image with your smart phone using a scanner app, if you don’t have such an app please visit:

for iOS users you can grab QR Reader for iPhone- https://goo.gl/RBnTj
for Android users you can grab Barcode Scanner – https://goo.gl/PYbXC

(these are just non-endorsed recommendations, you don’t have to use those specific apps.)

Once loaded on your smart phone just scan the QR code in the image and it will take you to a secret web link. Once your at the secret spot follow the instructions.

The Top Secret Web Page:Here is where the QR Code will take you: http://rcalvary.org/topsecret/Basically the kids were given a mission to find me (the target) and tell me the secret pass-phrase (ZACCHAEUS WAS A WEE LITTLE MAN). When they did this I gave them a prize and reminded them to come on Wednesday. They loved it!

The Event

Here was our timeline for the event:
Arrive/Make Passports – Meet in auditorium and create Secret Agent Passports
Mission Briefing – A short teaching & video about missions
Scavenger Hunt – A fun activity to learn about how our church supports missions
Missions Activities – Three different stations for the kids to do some hands-on activities
Parent Pickup – Encourage kids to do their take home activities


Secret Agent Passports – Kids met in the auditorium and started working on their passports. This was a great activity to do while we were waiting for everyone to arrive.

We pre-cut out the following papers for them to past inside some construction paper and fill out.
We found a great resource for that here – http://harvestministry.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/mission-minded-passport.pdf
Also – download it here – https://steve-otto.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/mission-minded-passport.pdf

Mission Briefing – Suddenly our Teachers told the kids it was time for the mission briefing. I walked up to the front of the room wearing a trench coat and sunglasses. I’ve included my script below…

Good evening agents. Thank you for being here for this mission briefing on such short notice. As of zero 900 Zulu time we were made aware of a situation that was urgent enough to pull you off of your current undercover assignments.

And this assignment is coming from the very top. In a moment I’ll be giving you each a top secret folder that contains details about your target and assignment.

To find out why we are all here – watch this brief overview about our mission.

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/44420845

Before we give you your first assignment, we need to make sure you’re training is up-to-date. So we prepared a short training exercise (scavenger hunt) to test your skills. You’ll find that information in your top secret envelope.

You will also find your disguise in your envelope so be sure to wear that.

Finally – pair up with another agent and quickly come up with your secret agent names.

Scavenger Hunt: The kids paired up and ran around the church for a scavenger hunt that took about 10 minutes. The goal was to let them do something active and learn a little bit about what our church does for missions. You can see the scavenger hunt materials below in the Top Secret Envelope section.

Missions Activities: We did 3 stations and had the kids rotate about every 25 minutes. I randomly sent the kids to a different stations when they brought their completed training exercise (scavenger hunt) to me.

Station 1 – Making wrist bands for Strong Children’s Hospital. We had a Mom donate all the looms (bracelets) from her daughter Lydia who she lost to cancer. So this was a very meaningful activity for us and the kids (most kids knew her well).

Station 2
Project Linus – The kids made around 6 blankets to be delivered to our local chapter. One of our teachers bought all the supplies. You can find many different options here – http://www.projectlinus.org/patterns/.
We did something similar to this and had two layers of fleece blankes with strips cut and then you tied the strips that matched up together into a knot all the way around.


Station 3Ahki’s Place – This a mission we support. So we created little artist trading cards. We had small cardstock cards all ready to go with colored pencils and crayons and the kids could color and write bible verses on the cards. We then mailed these to Ahki’s place for the girls along with a whole kit of crayons and cards.


The Top Secret Envelope

Inside the envelope we included the following:


  • A fake mustache with adhesive. We purchased these from the Dollar Tree. The only problem was this particular brand the sticker on the back covering the adhesive was very difficult to peel off.

  • Take Home Activities. We found some great worksheets from The Fickle Pickle Blog that went along well with this. So we used their worksheets for the kids to take home to Secretly Serve Others for the next 7 days. 



Download my PSD (Photoshop Graphics) for the event here.