During one of the messages that I preached recently I encouraged the congregation to consider where they are on their faith journey and then to take the next step today.

If they made a decision to take that next step (whatever it may be for them), I encouraged them to write the word today on their connection card. In order to followup, encourage and pray for the people who took that next step, I mailed them the following letter.


I want to thank you for making a decision on Sunday to write ‘Today’ on your connection card. The truth is that none of us drift towards God. We drift away from God. No one grows more spiritually mature by doing nothing.

You chose to do something on Sunday to make a difference in your relationship with Christ. I want to encourage you for making that decision.

I’ll be committing to praying for you over the days ahead that your decision will lead to a very meaningful encounter with Christ. Wherever you are in your faith journey, I know that God smiles when we take a step closer towards Him.

May you experience all God has in store for you,

Pastor Steve