We have two large 55″ TVs on portable carts and they are great. They are very easy to move around and in a few minutes you can have a 55″ TV in any classroom, the lobby, or auditorium that’s ready to wireless stream presentations!

I often get asked where we purchased these and how we set them up so here’s some tips:

  • We purchased the carts on Amazon here for around $150.51sJMaf3X9L._SL1000_
  • We attached an AppleTV ($69) to the back with Velcro (which allows us to stream any powerpoint/keynote from an iPad, iPhone or Apple Laptop to the TV wirelessly.
  • We velcro our remotes to the back of the TV so they are easy to find, or you can purchase a handy remote holder for you AppleTV remote here for about $9.
  • If you need to run an HDMI signal over a long distance we purchased these HDMI extenders here for about $65. 91hyTCv2J7L._SL1500_
  • For the TVs – we purchased some Westinghouse TVs at
    Target for a great price. When we purchase TVs I make a quick trip to Walmart, Target, and check online (Amazon.com, NewEgg) and get the best deal I can find. I typically recommend Samsung, Vizio or Westinghouse. I recommend LED over LCD.