Get your best tech guy on this right away. It’s free, it has amazing features your church can really use, and is extremely reliable. Seriously – call your tech guy right now!

How to Register for Google for Nonprofits

To register for Google for Nonprofits, you must be a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. To apply for a Google for Nonprofits membership, go here and follow the basic steps below. Make sure to review the eligibility requirements before applying, as some types of organizations are not eligible.


Exciting Features:

  • Gmail
    • The number one reason we use Google for nonprofits! Our email has all the features of gmail and is safe and secure. No downtime. Most likely the best email program out there.
    • Your email addresses still use your own domain. For example – your email can still be It’s not or anything like that.
    • Email with advanced search capabilities, organization features, and ample storage that is usually better than a standard web hosting email package
    • Real time chat and video chat – great even if you are oceans apart from your team, you can still make it to the meeting on time.
  • Google Drive
    • Get 30GB of free storage per user!
    • You can pay an additional $1.99 per month (per user) for 100GB of storage.
    • You should Google Drive to put all of your documents in for a safe cloud backup and a great way to sync all of your documents between multiple computers.
  • Google Docs
    • Create documents, spread-sheets, presentations, and surveys compatible with Mac & PC platforms and without purchasing additional software like Microsoft Word.
    • Get rid of confusing email attachments and collaborate easily with other team members with real time editing capabilities.
  • Google Calendar
    • Keep deadlines, meetings, and schedules up to date and available to everyone.
    • We also display our google calendar feeds on our website! Keeps your website always up-to-date. (I’ll write a post about this later on).
  • Google Analytics
    • Track your website and other external online outlets with Google Analytics.
  • Support
    • Google’s support is amazing! The respond quickly and have always been able to help me with any issues.