Since our response from the Annual Report Booklet had such good feedback, we decided to use a similar approach to create a Serve Guide. We wanted something that really brought some vision to each of the serving opportunities and areas and felt much more creative.

You can check out our serve booklet here on our church website, or check out the images below.

1 - Front Cover 2 - Philosophy 3 - Featured Serves 4 - Impressions Team Serve 5 - Worshipand Tech Serve 6 - Groups Ministry 7 - Service Ministries Serve 8 - Communications Teams 9 - rCalvaryKids Serve 10 - Second Serve 11 - Next Steps 12 - Thank You

You are welcome to take our Serve Guide and tweak it to fit your church. Here are all the Photoshop PSD files:

Serve Card

In addition to the Booklet, we made a Serve Card. This is more of our easy-to-fill-out card for people. The booklet allows us to give more vision to each of the serve areas, and the card is easy to fill out and turn in.



You can download the photoshop file here: Serve Card PSD

Where do I purchase & print these?

The PSD templates are created specifically for the Booklets that sells.

You can find out more about their booklets here.